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4th Generation Family-Owned Business

Bieber Farms is a local family-run Farm that has been harvesting rice since 1938 and crawfish since 1987. Our crawfish are fresh from the field, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality product. 


In 1938, our founder, Rheinhard Bieber, put his faith in the land he dreamed would prosper. For almost 50 years, the land was worked and the rice crop flourished. Rheinhard's grandson, Kody Bieber, saw an opportunity for growth on the farm and in 1987, we began harvesting crawfish alongside our rice. As the crawfish and demand for them has grown, our business has grown too. In 2005, we opened the doors to our first crawfish tail meat processing facility. Over the past 17 years, we have made several expansions to help us produce the most and best crawfish tail meat that we can. In our most recent expansion in 2020, we began packaging whole boiled crawfish. 

We strive daily to provide quality crawfish to all of our customers and we are grateful for each of you and our workers that help make the dream of prosperous land a reality. 

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